Even Marie-Antoinette, Napoleon Bonaparte and Winston Churchill are amongst the many clients of this high traditional company. Once founded in Paris in 1775 by Abraham Louis Breguet, the watch manufacture soon made a name for himself in the French Royal Family due to the inventive genius of its founder. 

Invention of the wristwatch and Tourbillons

Shortly afterwards Louis Breguet registered a patent for the invention of the Tourbillons, an extension of mechanical clocks. He was also the pioneer of wristwatches. It took him two years to produce the first one ever made, thus setting a trend for the modern wristwatch. 

Guilloched dials are typical features

Meanwhile the production was moved from Paris to L’Abbaye in Switzerland. The characteristic feature of Breguet watches are the guilloched dials, which can be regarded as true work of art. The special feature is that the hands of the watch have a hole and therefore the numbers are not covered, making it easier to read the time.

Take the time to examine the models of the Classique Collection from one of the most innovative watch-makers in the world and discover why even Napoleon was fascinated by Breguet watches.


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