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CALVIN KLEIN - Watches "Swissmade"

'In 1968 Calvin Klein founded the fashion label "Calvin Klein" together with Barry Schwartz. Since then, clothing, perfumes, home-ware, watches and jewellery belong to this famous selection of goods.

minimalistic and aesthetic Design watches

In 1997 the brand “cKwatch” in cooperation with the Swiss watch-maker “Swatch” was introduced into the market with the label “Swissmade”. The focal point of Calvin Klein in the production of watches is minimalism and aesthetic, the use of high-quality materials and the experience of the Swatch Group. The result was that with the introduction of these watches into the market, a new genre came into being, the modern “designer watch”.  Clear lines and pure design make these ladies and men's watches unique. 

Following this development, a new jewellery line was introduced in 2004: Also "cKCalvin Klein Jewellery" shows clear lines and minimalism, just like the watch selection.

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