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Glashütte Original


Watches for men and women from Glashütte Original are the result of the best German engineering and watchmaking art. That's why the wristwatches meet the highest standards.

Passion, patience, knowledge, respect for tradition

It all started in 1845 when the men were unemployed because of the closure of the silver mine in the vicinity of Glashütte. The watchmaker Ferdinand Adolph Lange, with the support of the regional government, began training local miners and workers in watchmaking. These people created a culture of excellence through their passion, patience, knowledge and respect for tradition. These traditional values are highly respected and are still reflected in the company's philosophy today. The watchmaking experts of tomorrow are trained in the company's own watchmaking school "Alfred Helwig".


Glashütte Original combines traditional craftsmanship and innovative production methods under one roof. The company produces up to 95% of its watch components in its own factory, including the mechanical movements and fine dials. Glashütte Original watches represent a synthesis of technical sophistication, reliable precision and timeless elegance. The "masterpieces" are characterized by the use of unique movements, interesting details, ultra-fine components and a stylish design.
The collections are based on the four elements: Art and Technology, Quintessence, 20th century Vintage and the Lady Collection.

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Contact details of the watch manufactory:
Glashütter Uhrenbetrieb GmbH | Altenberger Straße 1 | 01768 Glashütte/Sachsen | Germany
Email: info@glashuette-original.com | Phone: 0049 (0) 35053 46 0


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