Jaeger-LeCoultre - DRUBBA MOMENTS am Titisee


The unusual and unique design of Jaeger-LeCoultre clocks allows the viewer to explore the complex mechanism from all sides. These timepieces, made of handcrafted parts from Jaeger-LeCoultre's own manufacture, turn these timepieces into true works of art.

In particular, the limited edition models such as the "Atmos" are distinguished by their exceptional design and unusual drive technology. This model is inspired by "The Breath of Time". In a hermetically sealed capsule, a gas mixture expands or retracts depending on the temperature. The clocks then winds itself up naturally, without manual assistance.

Visit us and see this extraordinary phenomenon in Titisee, and perhaps you will soon find one of these clocks in your own living room. An inspiration for you and your visitors. We look forward to seeing you and are available for daily consultations.


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