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1833 was the year of birth of the company then called "LeCoultre", founded by the brothers Charles-Antoine and Francois-Ulysse in a valley in the Swiss Jura. At that time, the company's portfolio consisted of tools for measuring micrometer distances, and the company was awarded a gold medal for precision and mechanics.


Due to the influence of Charles-Antoine's son, 33 years later, the company kept to standards and a certain quality in production was added. New machines were bought and the know-how was brought together under one roof. Over the years, this led to great success and the first watch manufactory in the world was created. This factory produced 350 different types of movements with chronograph functions and repetition mechanisms. From 1937, the company adopted the name "Jaeger-LeCoultre".

Jaeger-LeCoultre's models are the most popular among watch collectors.
Not only the calibre Jaeger Le Coutlre 101, which weighs only one gram, or the Swiss-made model "Reverso" are the most famous and successful models of this company. Innovation and pioneering spirit have made this company so successful. To date, 1249 mechanical calibres have been created and 413 patents registered.

Come and see these timeless classics at DRUBBA MOMENTS at Lake Titisee and be amazed by the innovative design and craftsmanship of these Grande Maison Jaeger-LeCoultre models.

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