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The NOMOS Glashütte brand was founded in 1990 in Glashütte, Saxony. Mechanical watches with hand-wound movements were in the portfolio at the beginning. It was not until 15 years later that the company began manufacturing watches with automatic movements.


From 2015 onwards, only movements within the company itself were used. A special system was developed for this purpose - the "swing system". NOMOS Glashütte then belonged to the circle of about 20 manufacturers worldwide who produce their own factories without the help of other companies. 75 - 95% of the production takes place in Glashütte, therefore the company NOMOS Glashütte is allowed to use the name "Glashütte". This tradition of watchmaking is only present in Glashütte to this extent. In order to be allowed to use the name, 50% of the production must be in Glashütte. NOMOS Glashütte fulfills this criterion and its product portfolio now comprises 13 model families, such as the Tangente, Metro, Ahoi, Club or Tangomat, as well as eleven proprietary movements. Both men and women can choose from a comfortably large selection of precise wristwatches.

Visit us and see the spectrum of NOMOS Glashütte watches in our Watch & Jewellery Boutique DRUBBA MOMENTS at Lake Titisee.


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