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Officine Panerai - founded in 1860 by its owner Giovanni Panerai - is a joint venture that combines the best of Italy and Switzerland. On the one hand, the brand is based in Milan, while on the other hand the watches are manufactured in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Thus, the luxury watches are characterized on the one hand by the elegance of the Italian style and on the other hand by the profound experience of Swiss watchmaking.

The brand is particularly distinguished by its characteristic large men's wristwatches. Role models for these wristwatches are still today the diving watches, which were produced in their early years for the Italian Navy. The highest requirement was that the diving watch should be reliable and easy to read. One of their most famous customers was Sylvester Stallone, who insisted on wearing an Officine Panerai watch in various films. Probably the most famous one is the collection "Luminor", which exists since 1950. Characteristic for the men's watches of Panerai is the limitation to a certain number of pieces and the embossing of the respective year on the case back. Another feature of all Panerai watches is the second hand as a small display at the height of the 9 o'clock position.

Come and discover the world of this unique watch manufactory and its luxury watches at Lake Titisee.

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