The history of the company Swarovski began a few years before the actual founding of the company, when glass cutter Daniel Swarovski recognized the need to develop a mechanical cutting technique for crystal glass, as the demand for gemstones for jewelry pieces increased. Although the technology of glass cutting is based on handcraft, the machine produces a higher number of gemstones and in even higher quality. This development became better and better and the Swarovski gemstones became more and more popular, not least because of the fascination of these sparkling crystals in different colours.

In 1895 the company was founded in Wattens in Austria under the name "A.Kosmann, Daniel Swarovski & Co". Their team was constantly developing new designs with sometimes striking, sometimes subtle colour combinations.

Swarovski is not only known for its gemstones, the company also successfully manufactures wristwatches by combining its profound knowledge of crystals with the high quality of Swiss watchmaking.

Experience the world of Swarovski crystals at Lake Titisee and bring brilliance to every moment of your life.


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