LADIES´ watches 

For a woman a watch is also not just a watch, it is an additional adornment. We are proud to say that we have a watch for every lady in our salesrooms in DrubbaMoments and have a great selection of types (automatic or quartz) and brands in many different designs. We are delighted to be able to help you.

When buying a ladies’ watch it is important to be aware of the diameter of the body of the watch. We recommend the 18-40 rule.  This means that a woman with a wrist size of 18 centimeters, should wear a watch with a maximum diameter to 40 centimetres and it should be worn slightly above the bone of the wrist joint. When choosing a color, we recommend orientation on the jewelry worn, e.g. gold with gold, silver with silver.

The design of the watch should match the personality of the wearer. By the way, the more formal the occasion, the more simple the watch should be. An ostentatious aviation watch or sport-watch should be worn during days off. The watch should be worn on the arm which is not used as much so that the watch does not suffer too much from over-activity and is not too conspicuous. Right-handed persons usually wear watches on their left-hand.

Take some time to come and have a look at our excellent selection with numerous brands and exceptional models and designs.


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