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The movement inside a wristwatch exists so that the wearer can see the time of day. The movement is geared by a certain impulse. Watches have mechanical movements, worked by a spring and with a screw to wind or there are automatic movements which are wound by the activity of the wearer (when the wearer moves, the watch is automatically wound). Some watches are battery-run with quartz movements and the also wind automatically. These watches are called Quartz watches.

Clocks are usually worked by weights and different winding mechanisms. The best-known here are re-winding with chains or with an electrical motor.

The energy which develops while winding is transported to turning the hands on the dial of the clock or watch. This ensures that the time of day, date of the month and any other functions can be seen.

In DRUBBA MOMENTS in Titisee you will mostly find watches with automatic movements or manual winding and quartz movements.


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