Watches with quartz movements have no spring or winding mechanism. The energy is produced by the small cell battery inside the watch, transferring energy so that the cog-wheels are set in motion and the watch starts to work. The quartz which is inside the movement, is responsible for the exact time-keeping as it regulates the amount of energy transmitted to the cog-wheels by the battery. The energy of the battery and the quartz are continually in connection with each other. This energy is constantly passed on to the cog-wheels and then to the hands of the watch, thus making these movements very precise and exact to one second per day. The battery must be replaced regularly although some models now have solar power panels.

In both cases, these watches are a cheaper alternative to automatic watches or manually-wound watches.

Following you will find a selection of Quartz watches to be found in the salesrooms DRUBBA MOMENTS in Titisee.


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